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As one of Florida’s largest full service real estate development companies, Stiles has built a reputation for excellence and market insight, consistently developing quality projects in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

We have retained a true family atmosphere, despite market changes these past few years. At Stiles, you will find a diverse family of all ethnic backgrounds who are proud to participate in the growth of Florida, both in the construction and development work, and in promoting community welfare. We create environments that enhance our customers' lives and improve the value of our community.

Stiles has provided planning of commercial properties for more than half a century. The company's extensive expertise offers clients single-source responsibility from conceptualization through project completion, effectively eliminating complications that arise when dealing with multiple companies. Simultaneous implementation of design and construction offer clients shorter completion dates and value engineering.

Stiles is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

Commercial Office Development

Development Manager Ft. Lauderdale

Assist with the planning, analyzing and coordination of the development of multiple or complex commercial real estate projects in order to optimize the allocation of resources and ensure maximum economic return to the Company, Owners and Investors.

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  • Assist in the negotiation of land purchase (or sale) agreements, leases and Partnership Agreements.

  • Assist with the coordination and review all due diligence related items including: boundary surveys, plat reviews, soil boring and environmental, engineering existing Restrictive Covenants and Association Documents.

  • Assist, research site entitlements, regulatory requirements and coordinate implementation into the project.

  • Assist in calculating the cost of governmental review, permit and impact fees for inclusion in the project budget.

  • Assist coordination of construction of site and project through a final Certificate of Occupancy for the project.

  • Assist with the preparation of the Project Budget, Project Schedule, complex feasibility analysis including financial underwriting, rate of return, risk evaluation and establishing partnership goals.

  • Assist with facilitation of construction pricing from ballpark through hard bids.

  • Assist with the preparation and management of the timeline for governmental approvals and sequencing of events from entitling, initial site plan submittal, obtaining building permit to obtaining Certificate of Occupancy.

  • Represent the Owner, to governmental regulatory bodies, through the approval process to the Development Review Committee "DRC", Community Appearance Board, Planning and Zoning Board "P & Z", and Commission hearings.

  • Coordinate obtaining all miscellaneous regulatory permits as may be required for the project.

  • Coordinate all the professionals with respect to the submission of all plans and documents for issuance of building permit.

  • Assist the ownership in negotiating contracts with all other professionals, (civil engineer, architect, and landscape architect) contractor and subcontractor and administer the Contract for Construction, in conjunction with the project architect in an effort to design the project in the most cost effective quality manner that delivers the goals of the ownership with the site research, plan preparation, and in conjunction with submission of site plan approval.

  • Assist with the coordination of all the professionals with respect to the submission of all plans and documents for any necessary revisions.

  • Assist with the coordination of all team members (Architecture, Construction, Leasing/Marketing, Property Management and Asset Management, Tenant Improvement) coordination to ensure timely delivery of project.

  • Review and process all monthly requisition for payment.

  • Assist with partnership reporting including monthly progress and variance reports.

  • Assist with the coordination of required insurance coverage (Builders Risk).

  • Type: Full-time
  • Education: Four year college degree; MSRE preferred, or equivalent with zero to three years experience.
  • Minimum Experience:
  • Reference ID: DM I

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