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As one of Florida’s largest full service real estate development companies, Stiles has built a reputation for excellence and market insight, consistently developing quality projects in accordance with the highest standards in the industry.

We have retained a true family atmosphere, despite market changes these past few years. At Stiles, you will find a diverse family of all ethnic backgrounds who are proud to participate in the growth of Florida, both in the construction and development work, and in promoting community welfare. We create environments that enhance our customers' lives and improve the value of our community.

Stiles has provided planning of commercial properties for more than half a century. The company's extensive expertise offers clients single-source responsibility from conceptualization through project completion, effectively eliminating complications that arise when dealing with multiple companies. Simultaneous implementation of design and construction offer clients shorter completion dates and value engineering.

Stiles is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer.

Stiles Property Management

Facilities Manager Ft. Lauderdale

The Facilities Manager will be primarily responsible for managing and overseeing multiple facilities including train stations, train yards, and office facilities. The position requires the Facilities Manager to participate in a rotational on-call schedule to respond to emergency work orders on nights and weekends. The Facilities Manager will be responsible for ensuring preventative maintenance and repair tasks are entered into the Maintenance Management System (MMS) and completed within required timeframes and in accordance with contract language.

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  • Assign subordinate duties and responsibilities to staff and subcontractors

  • Plan, prepare, and monitor the completion of work, including the implementation of online checklists within the MMS for various equipment and systems that required periodic and/or regular inspections

  • Communicate priorities for all work and ensure completion times are met in accordance with the contract documents

  • Establish procedures and schedules for recurring maintenance in accordance with the OEM manuals, warranties, and industry best practices.

  • Identify and track all equipment and systems under warranty and ensure warranty provisions are complied with to maintain warranty coverage

  • Create PM checklists for specific equipment and tasks to be used by maintenance personnel, monitor compliance, and revise as needed.

  • Oversee "Extra Work" requests for approval, as required, for tasks outside the contracted scope of work (such as repairs due to damage or destruction due to natural disasters, etc.)

  • Review the SMP quarterly and update it as required for best in class operating standards

  • Create inventory equipment lists and tracking documents for various equipment, systems, property, certifications, warranties, etc.

    • Equipment Inventory List - includes HVAC systems, backflow preventers, irrigation systems, fire extinguishers, lighting, Generators, etc. The Equipment Inventory list will list all equipment "In Service" and equipment "Temporarily Out of Service." Separate reports can be run for equipment that has or will be "Removed From Service."

    • Property & Parts Inventory — Includes a listing of back stock/attic stock supplies and materials on hand, and the storage location for each item such as light bulbs, glass windows, CCTV cameras, batteries, paint supplies, safety supplies, emergency telephones, elevator repair components, etc.

  • Review (and write as needed) contracts/amendments and assisting with vendor insurance compliance.

  • Review and approve monthly invoicing for proper submittal compliance

  • Review and approve monthly financial reports

  • Review and sign incident reports. Assist with claims handling and additional information requests from insurance carriers or other third parties.

  • Compile annual budgets

  • Review and send various reports to client

  • Assign and monitor staffing schedules and performance (in-house and 3rd party).

  • Review and send daily/weekly/monthly reports to project manager.

  • Respond to emergency maintenance requests as required; troubleshoot issues to determine cause and solution.


Support personnel, clerical, and secretarial people directly report to this position. Responsible for scheduling, assigning work, reviewing contract compliance, interpreting higher level directions, recommending increases, transfers and discharges. Employee must be able to supervise and manage 3rd party contractors and provide quality assurance inspections and follow up actions.


Must have excellent computer skills especially with MS Word and Excel.


  • Excellent leadership abilities

  • Outstanding customer service skills

  • Team player

  • High integrity and honest

  • Multi-tasker

  • Tactful and diplomatic

  • Type: Full-time
  • Education: Bachelor's degree preferred.
  • Minimum Experience: 5-10 years
  • Reference ID: Facilities Mgr

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