Stiles and partner bid to build Nashville high-rise

Fort Lauderdale-based Stiles Corporation and a partner proposed a $178.8 million residential redevelopment of parking lot property in Nashville, Tennessee.

Stiles and condo developer Ray Hensler submitted a bid to build a residential building as tall as 25 stories plus an urban marketplace for retailers.

Nashville-based Hastings Architecture Associates released rendered images of the Stiles-Hensler project and analternative project proposed by Nashville-based Eakin Partners.

Stiles-Hensler team and Eakin Partners each submitted a parking-lot redevelopment proposal to Nashville's Metro Development and Housing Agency.

The Nashville redevelopment sites are located near the banks of the Cumberland River and a complex of offices and retail stores called Trolley Barns.

[The Tennessean] Mike Seemuth